Hello and thank you for visiting Cautious Films.

What’s Cautious Films?

Why thank you for asking!

Cautious Films is an empire of one in addition to being the online portfolio for myself, Dennis Shinners, a filmmaker based in NYC. I make original and promotional content for film / TV and digital platforms.

While I wish my site could mark the rebirth of the cool, quite honestly, I’m too awkward and like to laugh too much.

Why Cautious?

Well, making entertainment is a tricky thing… I take things very seriously and carefully, leaving as little left to chance as possible, but not so rigid that there isn’t enough room for the magic to happen.

Who is this guy and why do I want to work with him?

This is the hardest of building a site and marketing oneself.

It’s also where I need to let my work do the heavy lifting.

I’m a firm believer and practitioner of creative and strategic thinking, courtesy, punctuality, diversity, inclusion, adaptability and above all - collaboration.

I’m also seriously into music, collecting vinyl, DJ’ing parties and been frequently told I’m a lot of fun to work with. Yay!

Let’s talk about partnering up to make great work together.